Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Not so funny now isn't it?


Right why the topic slashing ? I don't know it's amusing ? Actually no. I just decided to cause I can and I will.

Some people have different opinions about it.Some say it's stupid and naive and they only think about themselves and they never really think about people around them ? The people who love them ? And then there are people who take pity on what they are going through,and people who can't be bothered.Honestly there are even people doing it for the fun of it.

Basically if you asked me which I'd support,I wouldn't really know.Beginning of the year,I said it was a rather stupid thing to do and that it's not worth going through the burning sensation.But then few months back,I slashed.It wasn't for fun or anything.I promise.But it was more like depression? You never really know that you're in that state until someone tells you.You just have that feeling that you're alone and no one cares but actually there are people out there that cares but never really show that they care?

Then there are bullies,people who judge,people who are self-centered,people who are jealous and people who just wanna bring you down.It also make you feel you're worthless,stupid,insecure and that you don't deserve to live.Then you keep thinking about what they say over and over again.After a while,it's just get into your head and it just stays there.And it's during this period that encouragement and support it's needed.Otherwise,months later,you'd be go for their funeral.You think this is crap but I watched some videos and a really pretty girl killed herself.I guess that was just too much for her to handle.It's really saddening cause to watch someone that's going through this and no one actually stood up for her or even gave her the encouragement she needed.Instead they all left.If you watched the video you could actually cry cause you can actually FEEL it.Some people slash cause they don't want to feel it emotionally but rather physically cause physical wounds heal but emotional pain doesn't. It stays.

So this are basically reasons people slash.I don't really know how to react to it.It's actually hard?Cause you don't know what you should do.But one thing I'm sure is that I will never leave.The video is actually life-changing and it could actually change your opinion about what you think. People ought to think before they speak ? It may seem to them that it doesn't hurt but actually deep down it does,and it hurts a lot.Well hopefully this post made you realize something or you felt you did something wrong and stuff like that.

Word of encouragement : Hi xx If you're slashing,stop.It's really not worth it.If you're doing it physically cause it hurts emotionally I understand,but think of it ? Losing blood for people who don't care or give a fuck  ? Think about it's not worth it.You're beautiful,you were born flawless.Stay that way.You're still innocent.Karma will get them back hard.That I guarantee. You deserve to be happy and EVERY WHERE you go people are going to judge.Everyone have their opinions and they ought to keep it to themselves.If you're getting fucked over for being too nice,then stop being nice.The nicer you get the more you get fucked over.Whatever it is,you deserve to be happy and NOTHING should ever bring you down,if it does then one  thing you know for sure they don't belong in your future.Stay strong xx I got through it and I know you will too.If you think you're going through shit, then go to youtube.com type in 'If you really knew me' see what they have to say. Take caree xx


Thursday, 1 November 2012

A letter to princess.♡

Hi princess (:
How ya doing ? Can see you're doing great (': Well the reason why I decided to write you this was because,while my sister was using the lappy I saw you tweet '' you only think about how it affected you. what about me? don't you understand how hard it is to be there for you? no? duh cos u nvr thought.'' yeah take it as I am boasting.I don't really think you have gone through depression? I don't know if you have but when you are really in a depression mode,you just keep thinking about the matter and it never make you think for others.I swear.Even my dad has depression.I told you about my family problem? It''s not easy for me and I know it ain't easy for you.I don't know if a sorry will make you feel better but I know what I said,that even a sorry wouldn't help,and sometimes wish I could take back what I said.Moment of fury.I honestly still care but it kinda hit me hard when you left? You and Alicia meant THE WORLD to me.I have got no one and through my toughest time you guys were there.You can call me ungrateful and selfish.Because I was.It actually make me happy that you're doing just fine without me.I want you to be happy.Believe it or not I have stopped stalking you and I have moved on.Yeah you saw the post I wrote with my DP.I honestly thought you wouldn't leave but you did but also know that people leave cause that was what you said.I din't really believe it at first but guess somethings you say actually happens?This is kind of a bloody long post but that is just because I care but I can't show it anymore.I don't really know why you found it hard to be there for me because you never really told me the reason? All you said was maybe you shouldn't believe what Roshan was saying? I still care about what you say but it doesn't really affect me anymore.You called me an ignorant cunt too.Well yes.I am being ignorant here.I used to be thin-skinned. Now I nidda be thick-skinned.I swear IT IS NOT EASY.Everbody care about what the the society think about you and that one judgement can really tear you down.You have been judged too,surely you know what it is like.THAT'S JUST THE SOCIETY WE LIVE IN.The only thing I have got to back me up is probably music.You have got the directioners.I am officially a loner and therefore I am not gonna let what other people say of me affect me like before cause I know they judge cause the fear getting judged.People are gonna say stuff,it brought me down once,a terrible experince i had there,but not this time.I know you feel insecure at times because of your teeth,you shouldn't cause that is just what makes YOU,bubbly and funny.It's not gonna be easy but you will get through it cause you are a smart girl and  you deserve better.You are one BEAUTIFUL lady. Truely a god's gift.And surely the good times we had together as best friends outnumbered the bad? Well that's all I have gotta say.The only thing I can say now is that I am sorry.Really am.Well you're happy now and I am glad you are. (: 

21st Century Weezy

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Funky + Punk = PUNKY.


When you have the craziest friends.Your world just doesn't seem like it's UPSIDE DOWN.But when trouble break out you know they will be there. Not like fake friends.Just stabbing you in the back EVERY SINGLE TIMEE.It get's really annoying ! >< well here is a picture of my BITCH.<3 She rockss. Nawwww love herrr. <3